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Welcome to the newly created website of the Conference Cente for the institute of the Molecular Genetics

Dear business partners,

Welcome to the newly created website of the Conference Center for the institute of the Molecular Genetics Academy of Science of the Czech Republic. You can find basic information on our modern conference and exhibition spaces. We hope you will enjoy their appearance and that they will suite your needs to the highest standard.
The Institute of Molecular Genetics AV ČR ranks among the leading Czech research organizations. In 23 research groups and other service departments, there are over 350 employees, including nearly 130 students. The workers are engaged in basic and applied research in several areas of modern molecular and cellular biology.

The institute is located in the new, highly equipped building, which is amongst the most modern research buildings in Central Europe. Many of our employees as well as guests have a large role in organizing seminars and help to enrich our services. The beautiful new auditorium with 298 seats (since January 2009 in honor for the founder of the Institute, Milan Hasek) has already held a series of conferences organized by UMG and other institutes of AV. International conferences such as the “Centennial Retrovirus Meeting”, “The Second European Chemical Biology Symposium”, “EMBO Young Scientists Forum” and the “52nd Symposium of the Society for Histochemistry” were proven to be exceptionally successful.
We strongly believe that our facilities and services offered will engage you and we hope to see you in the future at the Institute of Molecular Genetics for the occasions of congresses, conferences and scientific symposiums.


Vaclav Horejsi
director of institute


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